Thank you for considering to support the Association of Policy Practioners. Your generosity, no matter the size will help us achieve our goal of impacting public policy and together we can bring about positive change and create a better future.


Mobile Transfer

On your Mpesa menu, go to Lipa Na Mpesa

Then go to Buy Goods and Services

Enter Paybill Number 522533

Enter Account Number: 5996557

Enter Amount

Then enter your Mpesa Pin and submit.

FAQs on Donation

Why should I donate?

Your contribution helps us drive positive change in building up evidence on emerging policy issues, influencing government officials and raising awareness of critical policy matters of national influence.

Where does my donation go to?

APP is committed to transparency and integrity in its operations. Out of your generous donation, 2% is spent to cover administrative and operational costs while 98% is spent on program activities making a real impact. 

I am unable to make a donation, what are the other ways I can get involved?

You can be involved in volunteering with us, joining us as a member or partnering with us. Reach out to us today through the contacts below.

What are the ways to donate?

We offer various convinient ways to donate either through bank transfer or mpesa cash transfer. Reach out to us should you require our banking details.

How can I be sure my donation is going to the right place?

The Association accounts and financial statements are audited externally by licensed and professional auditors. Should you require a copy of our previous audited statements, please reach out to us through our contacts.

I need assistance with my donation, how can i contact you?

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through our email or visit our contacts page.