About Us

Who We Are

Created in 2020, we are the first Association of Policy Practitioners in Kenya. The Association has set the bar and is proud to serve its loyal growing community of policy professionals. By providing invaluable resources, unique opportunities and long-standing network of people, we ensure our members have the tools to succeed.  Our members and branch chapters drawn across the country.


To unite the voice of policy professionals and pursue high impact contributions to policy matters. 


Become the most sought organization on policy matters while advancing the interest of policy professionals in Kenya and beyond.

Core Values

Collaboration * Transparency & Accountability * Independence *Equity & Social Justice * Creativity


Our Impact

With presence across the country, the Association of Policy Practitioners reaches all corners positively making a difference in the lives of millions of Kenyans.  We are proud to work with like-minded partners across all sectors including government, private sector, academia, civil society etc. Similarly, our members represent an exceptional and diverse community of professionals.  


Our Programs

Our approach to impacting public policy is deliberate about providing thought leadership in matters public policy, creating a strong unified voice of policy professionals and facilitating research and evidence generation. The Association implements programs in the following intervention areas. 

Public Education & Sensitization

We increase awareness and understanding of policy and legislative issues amongst the public.

Professional Development & Learning

We enhance the skills and competencies of members to effectively shape policy solutions. 

Leadership & Impact

Through our leadership program, we develop the next generation of policy leaders who will impact public policy.

Research, Trends & Insights

We facilitate policy research in sectors such as youth, climate change, sustainable development, governance etc 

Policy Advocacy & Influencing

We engage government to influence decision-making and public policy at county & national level

 Institution Strengthening

We work to strengthen our systems and structure to effectively serve our members and stakeholders.

Leadership Team

Our dynamic National Executive Committees is committed to promoting the mission and objectives of the Association.

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Zebby Nyakiangana


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Charo Nyamawih

Secretary General

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Irene Wairimu

Treasurer & Vice Chairperson

Japheth Ondiek

Asst. Treasurer